Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has ambitious plans to modernize the city. This week his administration laid out a sweeping sustainability agenda on matters of critical importance to the future of the nation's second largest city.
Apr 9, 2015   Los Angeles Daily News
A worst-case growth scenario for Los Angeles would have devastating results for San Fernando Valley gridlock.
May 22, 2003   Los Angeles Daily News
Air pollution has been declining for decades. So how did the American Lung Association's 2003 report get the numbers so wrong?
May 12, 2003   Los Angeles Daily News
Following what is an increasing trend in the Los Angeles area, residents of "South Central" Los Angeles want a new name for their community to help clense the area of its stigma of crime, poverty and racial problems.
Apr 9, 2003   Los Angeles Daily News
According to a survey conducted by Kelley Blue Book car information guide, consumer interest in gaz-guzzling sport utility vehicles is waning because of high fuel prices.
Apr 2, 2003   Los Angeles Daily News
Could Southern California's love affair with the auto be fading? More people say they want their tax dollars spent on public transit.
Feb 18, 2003   Los Angeles Daily News
Roger Snoble, 56, the new chief executive of L.A.'s Metrpolitan Transportation Authority, is committed to high-tech.
Nov 15, 2001   Los Angeles Daily News
The city of Lancaster is prepared give more than five acres of the city park for a shopping center, but residents and two former mayors oppose the plan.
Jun 13, 2001   Los Angeles Daily News
With power plants running around the clock, the South Coast Air Quality Management District is predicting some of the worse smog in years for Los Angeles.
Apr 27, 2001   Los Angeles Daily News
What is Prop. 35? Why have private companies contributed $11.5 million to try to convince voters to approve it?
Oct 28, 2000   Los Angeles Daily News
Park space, environmental and urban issues were the key theme at a debate among Los Angeles mayoral candidates sponsored by KCRW.
Sep 15, 2000   Los Angeles Daily News