Los Angeles Daily News

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors acted against the recommendations of county planners in moving toward banning utility-scale wind energy production from unincorporated parts of the county.
Jul 17, 2015   Los Angeles Daily News
<p>Upset about the effect of California State Bill 1818's override of local zoning restrictions, a Los Angeles resident has sued the city to overturn its density bonus ordinance. Others may soon follow.</p>
Apr 10, 2008   Los Angeles Daily News
<p>Tasked with making Los Angeles more pedestrian-friendly, a planner decides to give up his car.</p>
Dec 7, 2007   Los Angeles Daily News
<p>The good news is that L.A., the nation's most polluted city, will enjoy its cleanest year since records were first established 30 years ago. The bad news is that L.A. is still the country's ozone capital.</p>
Oct 5, 2007   Los Angeles Daily News
The L.A. Department of Water and Power is providing the free installation services in an effort to reduce energy consumption citywide.
Jan 20, 2006   Los Angeles Daily News
L.A. city offices partner up to locate and sell nuisance properties, through the American Dream Program.
Jan 18, 2006   Los Angeles Daily News
Representative Bill Thomas scores over $722 million from the Federal Highway Bill for Kerns County -- a move that has many in California perplexed.
Aug 6, 2005   Los Angeles Daily News
The new ordinance would be a first step for Los Angeles in restricting housing sizes in one neighborhood to no greater than 40% of the lot size.
Aug 1, 2005   Los Angeles Daily News
Transportation costs take toll on both households and communities
Jun 16, 2005   Los Angeles Daily News
Telecommuters already outnumber rail riders in Los Angeles and could be a big part of a solution that actually reduces traffic in the biggest metropolitan areas.
Mar 25, 2005   Los Angeles Daily News
A Southern California city office building is the largest commercial project to be built with straw bale.
Oct 1, 2004   Los Angeles Daily News