Mike Lydon

Planetizen’s tenth annual list of the best books in urban planning, design and development ranges from a crowdsourced compendium of ideas for upgrading New York City's built environment to a personal report from the streets of Karachi. Exclusive
Nov 21, 2011  By Michael Dudley
Urbanist Peter Kageyama's new book suggests that the "loveability" of a city as a factor in its success is greatly underappreciated. Mike Lydon has this review. Exclusive
Aug 25, 2011  By Mike Lydon
Mike Lydon reports from the CNU Transportation Summit in Portland, Oregon, the country's laboratory of smart growth. "Change is imminent," says Congressman Earl Blumenauer via video. Exclusive
Nov 16, 2009  By Mike Lydon
The Internet is a trove of great ideas about improving cities. Filling blogs and personal websites, the vast majority of ideas out there are little more than that: ideas. New York City's Streetsblog -- now a growing nationwide force -- is transforming the conversation into action. Exclusive
Jan 29, 2009  By Mike Lydon
Mike Lydon of Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company reports on the recent Transport Summit in Charlotte, NC, where presentations ranged from discussions of 'context-sensitive' road design to crafting the 2009 federal transportation bill. Exclusive
Nov 14, 2008  By Mike Lydon
From June 1st through 4th, a cadre of 1,500 students, professionals, intellectuals, and activists descended upon Providence, Rhode Island, for the Congress for the New Urbanism's (CNU) fourteenth annual conference, "Developing the New Urbanism: Implementation", covered by Planetizen Corre Exclusive
Jun 7, 2006  By Mike Lydon