Erik Kancler

A new report out of Oregon suggests that the fiscal costs of successful resort developments significantly outweigh their benefits -- and taxpayers are burdened with the tab. Erik Kancler of Central Oregon LandWatch explains. Exclusive
Apr 16, 2009  By Erik Kancler
America's farm policy has many detractors -- conservationists, economists, environmentalists, and yes, even city planners. Exclusive
Oct 2, 2006  By Erik Kancler
Planetizen Correspondent Erik Kancler interviews Bob Stacey, Executive Director of 1,000 Friends of Oregon, on the need to restore progressive land use planning practices in the state. Exclusive
May 30, 2006  By Erik Kancler
In his "deeply insightful yet broadly accessible narrative of environmental progress", former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt chronicles the battles of environmental and land use law in the United States, with specific strategies for success at the local, state, and federal levels Exclusive
Apr 12, 2006  By Erik Kancler