Alstom Transport uses technology similar to that of hydrogen fuel cell automobiles. Railway Gazette reports that German rail authorities hope to develop Zero Emission Trains by purchasing fuel cell trainsets.
Oct 6, 2014   Railway Gazette
The current means of generating hydrogen for fuel results in a release of carbon dioxide emissions. Researchers think aluminum may be the solution to the pollution.
Dec 31, 2009   greentechmedia
Not only is the hydrogen car industry being pressured by outside competition such as electric cars and those that run on biofuels, but there is competition within the hydrogen car industry itself.
Nov 21, 2009   Hydrogen Cars & Vehicles Blog
<p>In the San Francisco Bay Area, two public transit agencies are conducting trials with "Zero Emission Buses", or ZEBs. They are using different types of hydrogen fuel cell technologies, with very different results.</p>
Mar 3, 2008   San Jose Mercury News
I'm just back from China. Waht a week. Among other amazing experiences, we got to go for a ride in one of only 19 GM Sequel hydrogen minivans. Blog Post
Apr 2, 2007   By Anthony Townsend