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A draft report from San Diego reveals that California's SB 375 law, which passed in 2008, was ineffective in reducing sprawl in the long term, Ethan Elkind writes for the UCLA UC Berkeley Legal Planet blog.
Jul 7, 2011   Legal Planet
<p>With unprecedented demand, Amtrak is hampered by years of neglect. The agency is unable to handle all the new customers resulting from high gas prices and plane tickets and is struggling to replace aged equipment and pay for increased fuel costs.</p>
Jun 28, 2008   The New York Times
We've been conducting public meetings for years. And it used to be easier. Present the plan. Discuss the plan. Talk about how your plan is better for the neighborhood/community/city/region and provide the conclusion. But things have changed.   Blog Post
Mar 26, 2008   By Barbara Faga
Like many others, I tuned into the CNN/YouTube debate a few weeks ago. Blog Post
Aug 20, 2007   By Barbara Faga
Local officials are rightfully leery of someone who shows up at their doorstep and proclaims, "I'm from the U.S. Government ... and I'm here to help you." That probably goes double for the Environmental Protection Agency. Blog Post
Jun 20, 2007   By