Wayne Senville

Planning and zoning commissions need to be diverse to make sure the broad range of issues and concerns are considered. That requires commissioners who are from different parts of town, different walks of life, different ethnic backgrounds, and now, different age groups. Exclusive
May 26, 2008  By Wayne Senville
Dec 10, 2007  By Wayne Senville
One citizen planner's journey across the United States provides a glimpse at how stronger connections between people and places can create better communities. Exclusive
Sep 10, 2007  By Wayne Senville
May 29, 2007  By Wayne Senville
With positive effects on public health, safety, and environmental quality -- walkability has become <em>the</em> new buzz word in planning. Exclusive
Feb 20, 2007  By Wayne Senville
A questionnaire administered by the Planning Commissioners Journal yields fascinating results concerning the diversity, occupational backgrounds, and selection processes of various planning boards and planning board members nationwide. Exclusive
Oct 14, 2002  By Wayne Senville