The 4th Edition of the Planetizen Guide to Graduate Urban Planning Programs is now available. The new Guide includes Planetizen's ranking of the Top 25 Graduate Urban Planning Programs. Exclusive
Oct 3, 2014  By Planetizen
Planetizen is creating a list of the most important people who have shaped urban places, and we want to know what you think. Vote on people nominated by the Planetizen community, or suggest your own. The polls close September 7. Exclusive
Aug 6, 2009  By Planetizen
As the recession digs in, cities across the country are left with large swaths of abandoned or vacant places. Can these cities shrink gracefully? Do they even need to? Vote on ideas submitted by the Planetizen community, or suggest your own. Exclusive
Jun 29, 2009  By Planetizen
With the auto industry struggling and car dealerships closing shop, what future do you see for empty car lots? Vote on ideas submitted by the Planetizen community, or suggest your own. Exclusive
May 15, 2009  By Planetizen
Planetizen has teamed up with <a href="">National Journal</a>, a weekly politics and policy magazine, to explore transportation issues. As part of National Journal's <a href="">Transportation Experts blog</a>, we've asked Planetizen Interchange bloggers and National Journal's Transportation Experts whether money from the Highway Trust Fund should be used for non-highway projects like bike lanes and pedestrian walkways. Exclusive
May 4, 2009  By Planetizen
Transit oriented development experts John Renne, PhD, and Jeff Wood recently fielded questions from Planetizen readers about TOD, its current applications and its future. Exclusive
Jan 8, 2009  By Planetizen
Planetizen talks with journalist and syndicated columnist Neal Peirce about the trends he's seen over the course of his career and the future of America's metropolitan regions. Exclusive
Jul 28, 2008  By Planetizen
Planetizen Podcast, 18 November 2006 - Enrique Peñalosa Discusses The Importance Of Public Spaces Exclusive
Nov 18, 2006  By Planetizen
PLANetizen is pleased to present profiles of three urban planners. Exclusive
Apr 15, 2002  By Planetizen