Michael Dudley

Planetizen’s tenth annual list of the best books in urban planning, design and development ranges from a crowdsourced compendium of ideas for upgrading New York City's built environment to a personal report from the streets of Karachi. Exclusive
Nov 21, 2011  By Michael Dudley
Urban designer and architect Ken Greenberg writes "an eloquent, personal, compelling and persuasive argument for more enlightened city-building," says Michael Dudley in this review of Greenberg's new book, <em>Walking Home: The Life and Lessons of a City Builder.</em> Exclusive
May 26, 2011  By Michael Dudley
In his new book<em> Welcome to the Urban Revolution: How Cities are Changing the World</em>, Jeb Brugmann proposes a new way of thinking about citybuilding. Planetizen Correspondent Michael Dudley has this review. Exclusive
Jun 24, 2009  By Michael Dudley
Smart growth isn't an attack on the middle class, and those who argue as such are simply misrepresenting facts to distract from the real issues that planners are trying to mitigate. Exclusive
Jul 2, 2007  By Michael Dudley
Libertarian biases and assumptions keep Reason Magazine authors stuck in traffic. Exclusive
Apr 26, 2007  By Michael Dudley
The events of 9/11 have had a dramatic effect on our cities, from authorities surrounding hundreds of public buildings with Jersey barriers, to continued suburbanization away from more "threatened" downtowns. Exclusive
Mar 6, 2006  By Michael Dudley
The sprawling 1950's postwar urban pattern, once believed to provide a measure of security in the atomic age, has made us extremely vulnerable in an age of international terrorism. Exclusive
Oct 23, 2001  By Michael Dudley