Edward J. Blakely

Be Prepared! It's more than a motto: it's how we must respond to continuing large-scale natural disasters. Exclusive
Apr 30, 2014  By Edward J. Blakely
Until gated community ownership organizations are held accountable for the actions of their residents and security agents we will see the use of "stand your ground" arguments as veils for deeper racial and socioeconomic profiling. Exclusive
Aug 8, 2013  By Edward J. Blakely
Ed Blakely indicts the planning profession for failing to protect our communities from the threat of a changing climate. How can we plan places that serve as bulwarks from the worst physical traumas, while providing economic and social resiliency? Exclusive
Nov 5, 2012  By Edward J. Blakely
As professional planners we have to take a new ethical stand. Gated and walled residential complexes will be even more popular among residential real estate developers. We have to ask, what kind of security will protect all of us and what kind will just divide some of us? Exclusive
Oct 2, 2001  By Edward J. Blakely