Michael Lewyn

Can't we all just get along? Law professor Michael Lewyn argues that despite their heated debates, both smart growth advocates and libertarians can agree that important elements of American zoning law lead to sprawling, car-dominated cities and suburbs, while limiting development choices and property rights. Exclusive
Mar 13, 2006  By Michael Lewyn
Although Houston is the only major American city with no formal zoning code, the city's land use regulations have historically been nearly as meddlesome, as pro-sprawl, and as anti-pedestrian as zoning in other American cities -- and have yielded similar results. Exclusive
Nov 24, 2003  By Michael Lewyn
How government policies have inadvertently sabotaged public transit. Exclusive
Mar 31, 2003  By Michael Lewyn
The sprawling suburbanization of America has implications for both planning and social justice -- it penalizes the millions of Americans who are too poor to drive. Mr. Lewyn calls for a "no roads without transit" policy. Exclusive
Apr 9, 2001  By Michael Lewyn