Second Life

Planners in Acton, Massachusetts used Second Life as a pr and outreach tool to engage citizens in planning a key commercial area.
Jun 22, 2010   Cornerstones Blog
An interview with Eric Gordon, who was part of a team that recently won a MacArthur grant for using Second Life as a community planning tool.
Jun 12, 2009   Metropolis Magazine
Linden Labs, creator of Second Life, has awarded a Linden Prize to Studio Wikitecture for their WikiTree project. The online collaboration uses the virtual world "to harness a groups collective intelligence in designing architecture."
Apr 28, 2009   Linden Lab
<p>UC Irvine student Cristi Lopes is writing software for "SkyTran", a virtual high-speed train based in Second Life. The virtual world will actually serve as a useful simulator for the real thing.</p>
Jul 3, 2008   The Times Of India
I'm making a prediction: While the real estate market in RL (real life) is cooling off, the real estat Blog Post
Mar 16, 2007   By Chris Steins