In the face of climate change, making cities "resilient" before crises strike has become a pressing concern.
Sep 7, 2014   The Planning Report
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is both a local challenge and a global imperative, says Rohit Aggarwala, the director of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability for New York City. Nate Berg caught up with Aggarwala to talk about his office's sustainability plans and the possible dangers posed by federal intervention. Exclusive
Nov 9, 2009  By Nate Berg
Though its flagship congestion pricing proposal was nixed by the state legislature, New York City's PlaNYC environmental plan is moving forward. Neal Peirce takes a look at its progress.
Sep 28, 2009   Citiwire
The economic downturn and burst of the real estate bubble have thrown a wrench into New York City's broad plans for redevelopment and environmental redesign. This piece looks at what lies ahead for the city.
Mar 19, 2009   The New York Times
Big city mayors (and even some smaller city leaders) are making a big splash! Blog Post
Mar 14, 2007   By Eugenie Birch