The federal government has a role to play in the financial crises afflicting cities across America, and most notably of late, in Detroit. Should Washington also play a role in helping them to recover?
Jul 23, 2013   The Nation
Democrats in congress are trying to divert some federal bailout money to cities and counties, where job losses are crippling municipal services.
Apr 27, 2010   Los Angeles Times
The housing market -- and especially the exurban housing market -- played a major role in bringing about the current economic recession, according to this piece from Christopher Leinberger. He says sprawl is unlikely to regain its lost value.
Jan 28, 2010   The New Republic
Funding in the federal stimulus package for high speed rail has been cheered by transit advocates across the country. This opinion piece argues that in addition, funds should be taken away from the auto industry.
Feb 25, 2009   The Boston Globe
Michael Moore writes that the only bailout of the Big 3 automakers that makes any sense is a government takeover that re-tools the industry to build sustainable transportation modes including trains, buses, subways and light rail.
Dec 6, 2008
As the federal government prepares to bail out the flailing U.S. automotive industry, it should think about changing the face of the industry from carmaker to "transportmaker", according to Robert Goodman.
Nov 17, 2008   The New York Times
Despite the $700 billion financial bailout plan, the suburbs will continue to lose population and value, according to Peter Katz. He says it's time for the government to prevent suburban development that is only doomed to fail.
Oct 12, 2008   Citiwire
The $700 billion bailout bill includes federal tax benefits for people who commute by bike.
Oct 11, 2008   The San Francisco Chronicle
If we can bail out the investment industry, we should be able to bail out our failing infrastructure, according to this column from Neal Peirce.
Sep 29, 2008   Citiwire
Bank of America CEO Kenneth D. Lewis presents the case for Secretary Paulson's proposed financial rescue package, and why Main Street needs it.
Sep 26, 2008   The Wall St. Journal
<p>President George W. Bush signed into law a package of housing legislation intended to ease the burden on thousands of borrowers who face losing their homes. The legislation will also bail out major mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.</p>
Jul 30, 2008   The New York Times