Military Bases

The Presidio is, and will remain, a source of San Francisco's most contentious planning and design proposals. But the reason for the controversy isn't all bad, according to John King: "everyone sees their own potential paradise."
Jan 29, 2015   San Francisco Chronicle
The underground missile silos of the Cold War-era are still around, but they're not being used. Some people have moved in to reuse one in Kansas as a home.
Nov 16, 2008   Studio 360
Military towns are seeing home sales go up despite decreasing home values elsewhere across the country, thanks in part to a steady wartime economy.
Nov 12, 2008   Chicago Tribune
A new district rises on the decommissioned Ypenburg Nato airfield in the Netherlands. Master planners Rapp & Rapp worked with other architects and developers to create a cohesive whole with slight variations, a “conditioning of difference."
Aug 16, 2008   bd
<p>Residents of Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood are complaining about plans to redevelop nearby Fort Lawton which includes housing for seniors and homeless.</p>
Jul 22, 2008   The Seattle Times