In some ways, suburbia has clearly given its residents the benefits they hoped for: newer housing with more space, cheaper housing than in the most fashionable city neighborhoods, and "better" (that is, more racially and economically segregated) schools. Opinion
Feb 13, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
While some cities have focused planning efforts on making their public spaces more accessible for the elderly, some argue that the age group they should be focusing on is kids.
Feb 2, 2011   Good
The cities that often top the "most livable" lists like San Francisco, Portland, Boston and D.C. also happen to have the lowest percentage of households with children. Does that mean that kids make places un-livable?
Jan 7, 2011   Conservative Planner Blog
Cities are commonly thought of as dangerous places for kids to grow up. But a new study challenges that perception.
Dec 28, 2010   Grist
Nov 12, 2010   By Chris Steins
Kids make up a big part of city populations. But often the built environment doesn't reflect a world planned with children in mind. This post from <em>Polis</em> looks at an effort to put children's needs back in the minds of planners.
Apr 29, 2010   POLIS
Urban convenience stores are being further linked to childhood obesity after the release of a new study from Temple University.
Jan 21, 2010   Miller-McCune
A new affordable housing development going up in Portland's dense Pearl District will include a public school on the ground floor.
Dec 3, 2009   Daily Journal of Commerce Oregon
A 15-year-old ban on biking and walking to school in Saratoga Springs, New York may be lifted, after one bike-friendly parent challenged the policy.
Oct 4, 2009   Governing
A new picture book introduces the architecture and urban ideas of Le Corbusier to children.
Sep 16, 2009   Arcspace
Unstructured play is a mainstay of childhood. But dense urban areas offer fewer opportunities for free-form playtime, writes Alex Marshall. Kids have to take what they can get, and often it's not much more than an empty parking lot.
Aug 27, 2009   Regional Plan Association