Grand Park

Since it opened last year, throngs of Angelenos have flocked to downtown's Grand Park. With those crowds now paying attention to the massive public buildings that form the park's boundaries, some are wondering if they need to be replaced.
Aug 29, 2013   Los Angeles Downtown News
At .7 acres, downtown L.A.'s Spring Street Park isn't likely to invite comparison to the world's great urban parks. But for a city, and neighborhood, starved of quality open space, the new park is a significant achievement.
Jun 19, 2013   Los Angeles Times
Charles A. Birnbaum marks the milestones that have contributed to landscape architecture's growing stature over the past year.
Dec 19, 2012   Huffington Post
Do we sense a subtle shift in the too often pedantic world of planning and design from private conceits to public conscious constructs, and in of all places Los Angeles, as evidenced by the heralded dedication this summer of a new downtown park? Blog Post
Aug 9, 2012   By Sam Hall Kaplan
This weekend's opening of the 12-acre park stretching from City Hall to the L.A.'s cultural acropolis marks the maturation of a downtown transformed from office park to vibrant neighborhood, reports Sam Allen.
Jul 26, 2012   Los Angeles Times