Los Angeles County planner Clement Lau review of the book "Working with Planning Consultants."
Jul 3, 2014   UrbDeZine
In a recent piece in Wired, Clive Thompson suggests that the solution to the problem of texting while driving is not to stop texting, but to stop driving. The popularity of texting is a good reason to support public transit.
Mar 17, 2010   Wired Magazine
This post from <em>Wired</em>'s <em>Autopia</em> blog looks at the history and potential of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).
Feb 23, 2010   Wired
We may not be driving flying cars, but the futuristic city is here -- in the form of a more intimate connections, communication technologies and social interactions. Former Planetizen Managing Editor Christian Madera discusses.
Feb 13, 2010   Next American City
Urban planning is one of those things people don't realize they can relate to. Everybody understands cities, so why can't they understand how they are planned? Well, there's really no reason. Urban planners -- steeped in the inner workings of the urban world -- probably aren't the best to try to communicate this idea. So bring in the artists. Blog Post
Aug 5, 2009   By Nate Berg
Museums are transitioning from niche cultural sites to community hubs, and expanding their engagement with their cities.
Jul 23, 2009   Christian Science Monitor
Getting people to understand the intricacies of planning can be a challenge. The modern-day emphasis on public participation is an effort to get people involved, but it's frankly not too appealing for most people to attend public hearings about zoning amendments and setback changes. But those zoning amendments and setback changes could be pretty important. Planners need to try harder to connect with the people their work affects to explain its importance. It's time to break from convention. One possible way is dancing. Blog Post
Nov 24, 2008   By Nate Berg
What do planners do? Last month I highlighted the findingsof several surveys of planners aiming to identify core skills for theworkplace. They highlight the importance of skills in communication,information analysis and synthesis, political savvy, and basic workplacecompetencies and attitudes. Blog Post
Oct 1, 2008   By Ann Forsyth
City cycling can be hectic. Let's be realistic: most American cities are not meant for cyclists. It would be great if they were, but for now, our city forms are primarily designed for the movement of cars. Blog Post
Jul 14, 2008   By Nate Berg
<p>Street posters play an important role in participatory civic life, according to this article from <em>re:place</em> magazine.</p>
Jul 7, 2008   re:place