When Congress recently failed yet again to pass a long-term surface transportation bill, Representative Earl Blumenauer decided it was time for a reality check.
Aug 12, 2015   The Planning Report
Jo Comerford of the National Priorities Project reports on how one New York state mayor is addressing the interconnections between municipal budget shortfalls and federal spending on warfare.
Apr 13, 2010   TomDispatch
States and cities across the U.S. are cutting public library funding at a time when people are relying on them more than ever, writes Art Brodsky.
Apr 12, 2010   Huffington Post
With Adolfo Carrion Jr. appointed as a "cities czar" and federal stimulus dollars flowing to urban sustainability projects, the Obama Administration aims to concentrate development to boost "environmentally and economically viable neighborhoods."
Oct 7, 2009   Washington Post
The Bush Administration's ideology of homeownership combined with a lack of oversight contributed significantly to the collapse of the housing market and the present economic crisis, according to this New York Times investigation.
Dec 22, 2008   New York Times
Two years ago, Canada opened the door to American subprime lenders, leading to a game of one-upmanship with Canada's federal mortgage insurer, CMHC.
Dec 16, 2008   The Globe and Mail
Environmentalists and resources extracting industries alike are scrutinizing President-Elect Obama's election comments for indications of what his administration's public lands policies will be like.
Nov 25, 2008   McClatchey Newspapers
The deplorable state of America's infrastructure may represent a one-time opportunity: not to replace what once made sense but does no longer, but to embark on a bold program to create a more environmentally sustainable nation, writes Sara Robinson.
Aug 22, 2008   Campaign for America's Future
With America facing a $1.6 trillion infrastructure deficit, Joanna Guldi of the Commonweal Institute laments for the era the "infrastructure state."
Aug 19, 2008   AlterNet
<p>Congress is promising to pass before Independence Day a sweeping set of housing legislation that would offer refinancing packages, a trust fund for affordable rental housing and offer tax credits for purchasing unoccupied houses.</p>
Jun 27, 2008   The New York Times