Grocery Stores

Walk Score’s new food desert map is a potentially powerful tool in the ongoing policy debate about access to healthy foods. But it’s still a work in progress.
Apr 2, 2014   Next City
A new study shows a significant increase in planned new retail stores over the past three months, and discounters and grocery stores are leading the way.
Jun 19, 2010   Retail Traffic Magazine
Typically thought of as a war to protect small businesses in communities from being swallowed up by a giant, the local opposition to Wal-Mart stores is often funded secretly by other major grocery chains.
Jun 9, 2010   The Wall Street Journal
To survive, neighborhoods need to be commercially viable. A group called the Food Trust believes grocery stores are a good starting point for creating that economic climate.
May 20, 2010   The Atlantic
A major grocer in Ohio is trying to keep some of its smaller stores open in areas that would otherwise be food deserts. But profits are hard to come by, and stores continue to move out of town.
May 18, 2010   The Cincinnati Enquirer
Retail Traffic Magazine reports that grocery stores are increasingly moving into the spaces vacated by big box and chain retailers.
Aug 9, 2009   Retail Traffic Magazine
Last week, Mayor Bloomberg's office announced an initiative to encourage developers to include grocery stores in new projects. Nevin Cohen, whose research focuses on urban food system, reviews the plan. Exclusive
May 25, 2009  By Nevin Cohen
Large supermarkets in San Francisco are being replaced with higher-end specialty grocers, and some say it's a bad thing for many customers.
Sep 22, 2008   San Francisco Chronicle
The Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI) has provided $42 million in grants and loans to finance 58 locally-owned grocery stores, combating fresh grocery shortages in areas of rural and urban Pennsylvania.
Sep 18, 2008   Hometown Advantage
For years, the sizes of grocery stores have grown increasingly to provide a greater variety to the consumer. Andrew Martin explains why retailers have now begun opening smaller stores instead.
Sep 11, 2008   The New York Times
  Costco may be coming to Manhattan, bringing 2300 parking spaces with it. Blog Post
Aug 14, 2008   By Diana DeRubertis