Fast Coexist

Lauren Gravitz describes an unconventional solution to combat climate change, encouraging "countries with means" to "buy up coal, oil, and other deposits while they’re still in the ground--then leave them there."
May 2, 2012   Fast Coexist
Ariel Schwartz identifies where people have the best and worst eating habits based on self-supplied data gathered by a food-picture-taking and healthiness-rating application.
Apr 20, 2012   Fast Coexist
Lauren Gravitz explores the importance of demonstrating the economic viability of cultural tourism to safeguarding historic sites in Peru and Bolivia.
Apr 16, 2012   Fast Coexist
Ben Schiller delves into recent rankings that aim to demonstrate how smaller sized counties can achieve sustainable economic impacts.
Apr 11, 2012   Fast Coexist
Michael Coren explores a potentially solid idea for carbon sequestration - turning our greenhouse gas emissions into underground rock formations.
Mar 22, 2012   Fast Coexist
Ariel Schwartz reports on the findings of a new study from Urban Affairs Review that surveyed residents from 10 major international cities on what qualities make them most happy.
Feb 17, 2012   Fast Coexist