A new Senate bill aims to give drivers more control over the growing trove of data being collected by sensors and computers embedded in our cars. Most drivers are unaware of how much personal information is being recorded.
Jan 14, 2014   The New York Times
<p>With gas prices as they are, does it make sense to ditch your SUV and buy a hybrid? Count on the Wall St. Journal to break it down a discussion of your return on investment.</p>
Jun 5, 2008   Wall St. Journal
<p>Americans are notoriously bad at navigating European-style traffic circles, but it seems Canadians are also confounded.</p>
May 31, 2008   The Edmonton Sun
How sustainable is the internal combustion engine? The answer depends, in part, on your historical perspective. Blog Post
Oct 24, 2007   By Samuel Staley
My Toyota Prius just turned 100,000. That's quite a milestone for a car and it may be a harbinger of things to come. Many planners are betting so-called "peak oil" will undermine our car culture because we won't have the fuel to feed them. Blog Post
Sep 5, 2007   By Samuel Staley
BEIJING--When I first learned that I wouldn't be able to rent a car in Beijing, I was disappointed. That's how I usually break away from the business "bubble" to learn something about a city. Blog Post
May 9, 2007   By Samuel Staley
On the Sunday that the April Nor'easter dumped the second highest rainfall ever recorded in Central Park, I waded to the New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center. Blog Post
Apr 23, 2007   By Barbara Knecht
After reading through dozens of long range transportation plans, I have to wonder if the planning profession is serious about improving mobility. By mobility, I mean improving the ability, speed, and efficiency of getting from point A to point B. Blog Post
Mar 6, 2007   By Samuel Staley