“[There] is something about the frequency with which California and 'the future' are used synonymously,’ writes Kristin Miller. But the future looks much different when set in Southern California as compared to Northern California.
Mar 6, 2014   BOOM: A Journal of California
An auto company has a new design competition to imagine a future city that is car-friendly.
Jun 25, 2010   Scientific American
Where will Americans live? Everywhere. The third article in a three-part series based on Joel Kotkin's new book, "The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050," looks at where Americans will live and how our communities will grow to accommodate them.
Mar 23, 2010   AOL News
The <em>Guardian</em> asks prominent thinkers what sort of city London will be in 20 years.
Feb 4, 2010   Guardian
Demographic modeling is a critical tool in urban planning. But what happens when the model is wrong?
Dec 15, 2009   New Geography
A recent episode of the Australian radio program <em>Future Tense</em> examines how humans interact with the city and how it will likely change in the future.
Aug 17, 2009   Future Tense
As theorists predict we are entering the age of the city, <em>Boston Globe</em> architecture critic Robert Campbell reflects on what this shift will mean and how Boston's landscape will change as a result.
Mar 31, 2009   The Boston Globe
<p>This multimedia presentation from <em>Popular Science</em> offers a vision of future green cities and the technologies that will sustain them.</p>
Jun 29, 2008   Popular Science
<p>Film is much more effective than planners or architects at assessing the possible future forms of cities, according to this article from film critic A.O. Scott.</p>
Jun 10, 2008   The New York Times Magazine