Better! Cities & Towns

The new American Dream is about place, and that brings people and communities together. The 20th Century American Dream tended to pull cities and towns apart.
May 28, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
If you want to be profiled in Wikipedia, it is better to be born in an urban place.
Apr 9, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
After generations of sales focused on conventional suburbia, realtors are discovering the demand for walkable, urban places.
Apr 7, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
The administrative change to follow recent successful FHA standards, according to CNU president John Norquist.
Apr 2, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
Connecting competence to organized support is key to reversing the Sisyphean cycle of urban placemaking.
Mar 31, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
Initial attempts at making city streets more encouraging to cyclists have often been marred by poor design.
Mar 28, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
Who benefits the most from synergistic growth, where the parts of the built environment are brought together to create a strong community and sense of place?
Mar 4, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
When freeways are dismantled, economic, and social benefits often follow. A mid-20th Century mechanistic view fails to understand such outcomes.
Mar 1, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
To forge a coalition for urban places, let’s start by trumpeting an important fact: The value of cities and towns transcends simple arithmetic.
Feb 27, 2014   Better! Cities & Towns
Smart Growth needs to adopt a more populist message, argues Robert Steuteville, and demonstrate how cities can empower people of all classes. Could "Lean Urbanism" provide the foundation?
Nov 8, 2013   Better! Cities & Towns
Joel Kotkin's muddle-headed theory on babies and urban living is aimed at blocking housing choice for young families, argues Robert Steuteville.
Sep 12, 2013   Better! Cities & Towns