Economic Diversification

There is hidden economic diversity even in one of the most famous (and toniest) of zip codes.
Jan 10, 2016   Shelterforce/Rooflines
Edward L. Glaeser looks back on the boom towns of yore and warns that, without a little balance, the dominance of finance in New York could spell trouble.
Apr 29, 2012   City Journal
It used to be that Rochester's fortunes were tied to its hometown company, Eastman Kodak. Peter Applebome looks at how the city has managed to avoid the long slide of its famous inhabitant.
Jan 18, 2012   The New York Times
"Look out, Silicon Valley"-- A decades-long effort to bring technology-based firms to New York City is beginning to see a payoff, according to this piece from The Economist.
Jan 11, 2012   The Economist