The Los Angeles 2020 Commission released a report that presents a scathing portrayal of Los Angeles, including a section on the city’s broken planning process.
Jan 9, 2014   Los Angeles Times
Well designed environments assist our economy, wellbeing and happiness, says Sarah Wigglesworth. Yet money equals power in controlling the shape of built environment. She asserts that designers must act as leaders rather than slaves to their clients.
Sep 20, 2013   Building Design
In late September, the Council for Canadian Urbanism (or CanU), which I’ve been the President of since our official creation in 2009, will be holding our 5th annual Summit of leading Canadian Opinion
Aug 8, 2013   By Brent Toderian
A real estate industry insider website publishes it's annual report of the real 100 most influential people in real estate and who will "help real estate recover in 2012."
Jan 3, 2012   Inman News