Market Economics

As wealthy communities learn to use historic districts to inflate property values, socially conscious urbanists must think twice about the purpose and place of preservation, Will Doig reports.
Apr 18, 2012   Salon
As just about everyone in the planning profession now knows, this is the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of The Death and Life of Great American Cities by urbanist icon Jane Jacobs. While Death and Life was itself iconic, Jane Jacobs was also a great public intellectual who continually built on her ideas in subsequent books and articles.  Blog Post
May 2, 2011   By Samuel Staley
Saul Kaplan says cities should be transformed into innovation centers to stay competitive and become the venue of a "new economic conversation".
Mar 8, 2010   Business Week
<p>Waynesville, North Carolina Mayor Gavin Brown is forced to give up on pedestrian-friendly design to save potential jobs from Best Buy.</p>
May 31, 2008   The Smoky Mountain News
Often, planners and economists seem to be at odds. Actually, a better description would be talking past each other-literally two ships passing in the night. Blog Post
Mar 15, 2008   By Samuel Staley
I first learned of Okham's Razor in an undergraduate economics class. Blog Post
Nov 6, 2007   By Samuel Staley
In spite of my sense that we are heading pell mell into the gloom of global warming, catastrophic conflict and hopeless mediocrity, I've noticed a hopeful trend. Blog Post
Mar 22, 2007   By Barbara Knecht