Urban Fold


All those toys under the Christmas tree came from somewhere.
Dec 25, 2014   The Washington Post
Towns and small cities dependent on one or two industries are reeling in the face of the economic downturn and major budget cuts. Can the nation's large cities be far behind?
Feb 24, 2009   TomDispatch
After decades of restructuring, Pittsburgh is doing significantly better than other cities attempting to recover from the loss of industry. Here's how they did it.
Jan 10, 2009   The New York Times
A former Oregon timber town learned to evolve when its logging business dried up in the '80s, and now boasts a growing manufacturing industry. It's being seen as a model for other towns facing similar changes.
Dec 30, 2008   The Oregonian
<p>Years after it followed many others like it and closed its doors, a paper mill in upstate New York has come back to life, and brought its town back to life with it.</p>
Jun 6, 2008   The New York Times