A new book explains how suburban dwellers have built "zoning rules, housing covenants and other mechanisms" to protect "their privileged place in the residential pecking order."
May 7, 2014   The Washington Post
Lastmonth's blog outlined how to find books recommended by many planners-important,classic, or accessible. Opinion
Jun 29, 2008   By Ann Forsyth
<p>Gina Olszowski's first book focuses on the personal stories of rural residents impacted by sprawl.</p>
May 30, 2008   The Beacon News
As the northern summer starts, one of the questions I am asked most frequently by current and prospective planning students is: what should I read? A number of resources are available to answer this question. This month I look at general planning readings for a North American audience but in Opinion
May 28, 2008   By Ann Forsyth