With the Millennial boom in many urban centers, many cities are looking for ways to retain young families rather than losing them to the traditional suburban exodus. One columnist dares to ask: Do cities even need kids?
6 days ago   The Washington Post
Already a national leader in green building and looking to expand its leadership, the Los Angeles Community College District is launching several collaborative efforts to train a new, green workforce.
Jun 28, 2009   The Planning Report
With just two weeks to go in my second semester, I like to think that I know just about everything about being a planning student by now. But when 100+ prospective students came to our campus open house last week, an easy question stumped me: "What about drawing?" Opinion
Apr 15, 2009   By Jeffrey Barg
There's just one problem with academia. Sometimes it can be so academic. Opinion
Mar 12, 2009   By Jeffrey Barg
On Friday, in the first week of my second semester of planning graduate school, we did the hokey-pokey. We put our right foot in, put our right foot out, put our right foot in, and then we shook it all about. We turned ourselves around. That was what it was all about. Opinion
Jan 18, 2009   By Jeffrey Barg
Four months, thousands of pages and $60 worth of printing later, my first semester of planning school is over. Really? That's it? Opinion
Dec 21, 2008   By Jeffrey Barg
Most of the time it's not that hard to kind of forget that I'm a grad student. It often feels like a long, ongoing conference, but without nametags: We hear speakers (sometimes known as professors), have long lunch breaks, do exercises, then retire to the bar at night to talk about all of it. Opinion
Dec 1, 2008   By Jeffrey Barg
Hey, have you heard we're all screwed? Opinion
Nov 14, 2008   By Jeffrey Barg
City Limits breaks down the differences between the two presidential candidates with a focus on urban issues.
Nov 2, 2008   City Limits
Recently I've been writing about skills that planners need-the findings from surveys of employers and the key role or writing in the planning skill set. Skills like writing, graphics, data analysis, and the Opinion
Nov 1, 2008   By Ann Forsyth
The answer is: "Because people today would rather not work and instead just sit at home collecting welfare checks." Opinion
Oct 16, 2008   By Jeffrey Barg