The mayor and City Council of Seattle will consider a controversial measure to combat its surging homeless population.
5 days ago   ThinkProgress
A tent city is burgeoning in Sacramento, Calif., prompting local officials to consider whether such an encampment should be made permanent, with plumbing and all.
Mar 12, 2009   The New York Times
The city of Dallas is committing to purchase homes for hundreds of homeless residents, rather than building shelters.
Feb 2, 2009   Dallas Morning News
The recession is leading to a surge in demand for homeless shelters and services -- but also a dramatic drop-off in normal sources of funding.
Feb 2, 2009   MSNBC
Officials in Baghdad are instituting a new program to sweep beggars off the city's streets -- a number that has risen sharply since the U.S. invasion in 2003.
Jan 13, 2009   Agence France Presse
Businesses in Fort Worth, Texas, invest in a city-led plan to combat homelessness.
Dec 26, 2008   Fort Worth Business Press
A reporter goes undercover as a homeless person to find out what happens when the indigent pay a visit to L.A.'s first corporate-controlled public park.
Oct 24, 2008   LA Weekly
A supreme court judge in British Columbia has ruled that homeless people can legally camp on public property such as parks.
Oct 18, 2008   The Province
Housing -- or the lack of it -- remains a major issue in post-Katrina New Orleans.
Sep 8, 2008   Mother Jones
In an effort to clean up the poverty ridden area set to host the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, officials have announced plans to place homeless people into housing next summer.
Sep 7, 2008   The Globe and Mail
In an effort to help clean up the city when the Democratic National Convention comes to town, a local salon in Denver has offered free haircuts to the city's homeless.
Aug 21, 2008   CBS4 Denver