In Tampa, voters can't seem to untangle an upcoming one-cent sales tax to fund light rail with the Obama administration's recent $1.25 billion award for high-speed rail, though the funding is completely separate.
Apr 27, 2010   The St. Petersburg Times
Florida voters are facing an amendment this November that could dramatically reshape the way local planning occurs.
Feb 9, 2010   St. Petersburg Times
<p>Business owners fear dedicated transit lane would discourage shopping along Telegraph Avenue, while proponents look to BRT as a cheap way to clear up traffic.</p>
Jul 12, 2008   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has proposed a plan to raise sales taxes in the state to help fund public transportation projects -- a plan similar to one voters turned down in 2002. But this time, voters won't be involved in the decision.</p>
May 19, 2008   The Washington Post