Linda Poon shares news of a short documentary about a Chinese artist trying to "bring economic and cultural development to a village struggling to survive China's rapid urbanization."
Jan 10, 2015   NPR
Artist spends decades creating an always-growing hand-drawn paper map of an imaginary place. Development is determined by drawing a random card from a custom deck of cards.
Sep 5, 2013   Visual News
A new study published by the National Endowment for the Arts profiles America's 2 million professional artists (including architects), with information on artist salaries, a breakdown of occupations, and the cities with the most working artists.
Jul 4, 2013   The Washington Post
Richard Florida ranks the top ten artistic cities in America. Los Angeles takes the 4th place spot competing competing amongst other cities including New York, Santa Cruz-Watsonville, and Santa Fe.
Dec 1, 2011   The Atlantic Cities
Artists tend to flock to big cities where their art can be bought and appreciated, but economic hard times are sending artists fleeing towards cheaper rents on homes and studio space.
Feb 1, 2011   Utne Reader
The recession has left many real estate properties empty across the country. In Los Angeles, some of those empty spaces are being revived by the city's artists.
Apr 1, 2010   Core77
Public space plays an important role in cities. Essential to creating good public spaces, according to this commentary from <em>The Nation</em>, is the art community.
Sep 13, 2009   The Nation
As other cities follow suit, Boston leads the way in creating artist housing through developer incentive programs and design requirements.
Feb 17, 2009   Metropolis
<p>A recent conference focused on how planners use the transformative effect that artists bring to a community to help jump start urban revitalization.</p>
May 16, 2008   The Cleveland Plain Dealer