Street Grids

Author and blogger David Prowler takes a lighthearted and pictorial look at what the layout of a town's streets unveils about a city's history and aspirations.
Mar 27, 2014   Los Angeles UrbDeZine
Seth Kadish says he was born with an innate sense of direction. As such, he appreciates street grids oriented to cardinal directions. The phenomena interested him enough to create a graphic that visualizes the orientation of 12 urban areas.
Mar 26, 2014   Visual Statistix
In the 1930s, The Federal Housing Authority embraced the trend towards cul-de-sacs, decrying the standard street grid as monotonous and unsafe. Norman Garrick and Wesley Marshall have proven otherwise.
Sep 19, 2011   The Atlantic Cities
In a previous article, Fanis Grammenos challenged planners' assumptions about the superiority of the rigid street grid, exemplified by Portland, Oregon. In this follow-up, Grammenos praises a neighborhood of Portland that took a different approach altogether to the organization of streets. Exclusive
Apr 14, 2011  By Fanis Grammenos
This interactive map from <em>The New York Times</em> overlays historic maps with modern-day maps of the city, and shows how the city and its street grid has developed.
Mar 23, 2011   The New York Times
The street grid of New York City was born 200 years ago in an early map of the city.
Mar 22, 2011   The New York Times