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Seattle Department of Transportation launches "Play Streets" program to encourage some fun in the streets.
Jun 8, 2014   Streets Blog
Angie Schmitt reports on a recent study which found that bicycle infrastructure is a good predictor of ridership for bike-share programs.
Sep 16, 2012   Streets Blog
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to use congestion fees to help fund a new rail station and the city's first bus rapid transit line. Anyone parking in a downtown lot will be required to pay an additional $2 on top of the existing parking fee.
Oct 20, 2011   Streets Blog
Comedian Mark Malkoff set out to demonstrate the state of public bus transit in NYC by racing a city bus while riding a child's tricycle.
Apr 8, 2011   Streets Blog
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa believes that LA's 30/10 Plan could be incorporated nationwide to speed transit projects.
Apr 3, 2011   Streets Blog
StreetFilms has a new video on the beneficial impacts separated bicycle lanes can have in neighborhoods across the country.
Mar 11, 2011   Streets Blog
NYC is asking private investment banks to submit ideas on how to privatize city assets.
Mar 1, 2011   Streets Blog