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In Mumbai, a tight-knit community of Ismaili Muslims are beginning work on their 16.5 acres redevelopment project. The cluster of land, which is said to be in the heart of the city's southern tip, is to be completed by 2017.
Nov 10, 2011   The Polis Blog
A post at The Polis Blog asks the question, "how might Cambridge Crude change cities?"
Jul 15, 2011   The Polis Blog
Choreographer Jenni Bregman studied human use and interaction in urban areas to create her latest dance piece, "Intimate City."
May 25, 2011   The Polis Blog
<em>The Polis Blog</em> presents a huge list of "urban favorites" -- songs, movies, initiatives and places that explain or highlight the best of the world's urban areas.
Jan 15, 2011   The Polis Blog