Extreme weather events have had big city mayors across the world scrambling to clean up messes and prove their cities aren't falling apart. But the real issue is the climate, not the politics.
Dec 30, 2010   The Atlantic
Seattle is in the midst of a mayoral election, and while typical election issues are getting their own share of lip service from the candidates, land use is being overlooked.
Sep 10, 2009   Crosscut
Changing technologies and erratic political schedules are altering the way the public interacts with elected officials. For some politicians, the new form of public participation can get them into trouble.
Aug 14, 2009   The New York Times
Congresswoman Laura Richardson has gotten on the nerves of her Sacramento neighbors, mainly because she's never around. As a result, her home has gone untended and turned into a blight on the neighborhood.
Jun 12, 2009   Los Angeles Times
<p>In two separate examples, a <em>Los Angeles Times</em> columnist shows how stakeholders with money tend to win the support of local politicians more often than the less fortunate.</p>
May 8, 2008   The Los Angeles Times