Community Gardens

Lauren Markham examines the value of community gardens to the bottom lines of developers—because one person's blighted back yard can easily become another person's veggie garden marketing pitch.
May 30, 2014   The New Yorker
As the city of Detroit struggles with population loss and dwindling industrial jobs, farms and community gardens offer the city a positive nudge.
May 20, 2011   The New York Times
The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust's mission is to bring parks and gardens to underserved communities in Los Angeles, where problems of obesity are bad enough that the city recently banned new fast food operations.
Feb 12, 2011   The Planning Report
Developers are building more and more residential communities around organic farms, banking on increased resident demand for locally grown food, outdoor recreation space, and small-town charm.
Nov 30, 2010   The Los Angeles Times
A new community garden on the Intel corporate campus in Hillsboro, Oregon is just one of many such plots that have been added to corporate sites across the country.
Jun 20, 2010   The Oregonian
Vancouver set a goal of creating 2,010 food gardens around the city by the time of the 2010 Olympics, and managed to reach that number (and a little more).
Apr 12, 2010   The Vancouver Courier
Activists have turned the site of a former inner-city freeway in San Francisco into a community garden.
Mar 21, 2010   Good
Activists in Seattle have created a community garden on empty land to help provide food for the city's needy.
Mar 2, 2010   The Seattle Times
This post from <em>The New York Times'</em> blog examines how city government's are increasingly relying on automated services to keep order and boost revenue, and how citizens are reacting.
Jun 28, 2009   The New York Times
Mini-farms across the city boost neighborhood appearances, help low-income residents in tough economic times
Jun 17, 2009   Philadelphia Daily News
Residents in an Oxnard neighborhood install a community garden which will provide them with fruits and vegetables.
Jun 16, 2009   Ventura County Star