Kaid Benfield shares this video from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that includes audio and video of Jane Jacobs, a rarity.
Jul 23, 2011   SustainableCitiesCollective
Kaid Benfield gets philosophical about the turn of the seasons, writing that it's "not just nature that renews itself", but the city floods with people that had been hiding inside through the inclement weather.
Apr 15, 2011   SustainableCitiesCollective
Daniel Nairn reviews Robert Kirkman's new book, The Ethics of Metropolitan Growth.
Jan 4, 2011   SustainableCitiesCollective
Earlier this week, the new American Community Survey data was released. Daniel Nairn writes that the new data show "a reversal of the 20th century story of urban decline."
Dec 18, 2010   SustainableCitiesCollective
Pittsburgh is the new poster child for recovery, the city that managed to turn around its economic struggles. Ben Schulman digs in to figure out if how the myth meets reality.
Nov 10, 2010   SustainableCitiesCollective