Bus Stops

You, the voters, have decided: The worst bus stop in the United States is located in St. Louis, Missouri.
Feb 13, 2015   Streetsblog USA
Sculptor and designer Christopher Fennell takes scrapped school buses and repurposes them into bus shelters.
Nov 5, 2009   The Design Blog
MIT's SENSEable City Lab is featuring a prototype of a futuristic bus stop, complete with real-time route mapping, e-ink surfaces, and estimates of your exposure to pollutants along the way.
May 22, 2009   MIT's SENSEable City Lab
<p>To build a sense of community and improve long neglected but heavily used bus stops, a community group in South Los Angeles has begun creating colorful outdoor living rooms to give residents a place to sit and chat.</p>
May 4, 2008   The New York Times
<p>A transportation official in Toronto is hoping to convince colleagues that the system should allow advertisers to buy naming rights for transit stops in the city as a way of increasing revenue, but many remain opposed.</p>
Apr 30, 2008   The Ottawa Citizen