Small Business

Allyn Gaestel outlines the tensions that arise as a growing Vietnamese community begins to define the visual character of Washington Ave. in South Philadelphia.
Nov 20, 2012   Next American City
Historic downtowns in Israel are struggling against the growing tide of suburban American-style shopping malls that are developing on the outskirts of town.
Aug 26, 2009   Tablet
As a new luxury retail center replaces a decades-old hardware store in upscale Malibu, California, many worry about the troubled future facing local businesses and services.
Apr 17, 2009   Los Angeles Times
Cities like Alexandria, VA and Agoura Hills, CA have taken to relaxing sign restrictions for the sake of boosting local business.
Jan 7, 2009   USA Today
Next American City reports on a recent conference that emphasized the role of immigrants in fueling economic growth.
Dec 27, 2008   Next American City
<p>Mom-and-pop shops in New York are being rapidly replaced with chain stores, according to a new count that shows more than 5,700 chain outlets in the city.</p>
Aug 6, 2008   The Daily News
<p>While cities are eager to encourage businesses to go green, many government incentive programs are not designed with small businesses in mind.</p>
May 2, 2008   Globe St.
<p>As proposals for big-box retail projects mount in New Orleans, many small business owners who are returning to the city worry about the coming competition. A documentary is currently being filmed about the recovering city's business atmosphere.</p>
Apr 25, 2008   New Orleans Times-Picayune