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Tea Partiers, anti-smart growthers and Wendell Cox all agree: Agenda 21, a United Nations program adopted in 1992, contains dangerous ideas that if implemented could damage economic growth and cement world government control over the U.S.
Dec 13, 2011   New Urban Network
A proposed D.C. development would place hundreds of apartments above a store, but other projects emphasize parking, not pedestrian-friendly streets. Chicago and New York also face Walmart campaigns.
Mar 17, 2011   New Urban Network
The LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) guidelines have existed for some time now, but are getting a new focus with an exhibit in Chicago and the launch of the first comprehensive city plan to include LEED-ND guidelines.
Mar 14, 2011   New Urban Network
Michael Mehaffy writes that there is growing research that paints a decidedly mixed picture on the benefits of tall buildings.
Feb 23, 2011   New Urban Network
After the backlash of suburban development in the 80s and 90s, “supermarket-led development” in town centers remain a contentious issue in Britain.
Feb 9, 2011   New Urban Network
Haitian government hires planners who propose a better urban environment than existed prior to the devastating earthquake.
Jan 27, 2011   New Urban Network
With many scratching to make a living in a badly damaged economy, coworking is springing up to meet the needs of independent workers.
Jan 24, 2011   New Urban Network
Reconnecting America issues a guide to state, regional, and local programs that provide money for development connected to transit.
Jan 21, 2011   New Urban Network
The Language of Towns & Cities: A Visual Dictionary, by Dhiru A. Thadani is a doorstopper of a book. Philip Langdon looks at this giant guide to New Urbanist ideas.
Jan 17, 2011   New Urban Network
With a fleeing population, Youngstown, Ohio was ahead of the current trend on "shrinking cities." So what can planners learn from Youngstown's example?
Jan 13, 2011   New Urban Network
With few exceptions, America's largest homebuilders are slower than companies in other fields to act on environmental concerns, according to a survey conducted by Calvert Asset Management Company.
Jan 4, 2011   New Urban Network