New Urban Network

Tea Partiers, anti-smart growthers and Wendell Cox all agree: Agenda 21, a United Nations program adopted in 1992, contains dangerous ideas that if implemented could damage economic growth and cement world government control over the U.S.
Dec 13, 2011   New Urban Network
Automated monorails were the hottest invention since the wheel back in the 1960s, and the Feds wanted to see them in every city. So what happened?
Dec 8, 2011   New Urban Network
A transportation engineer sent Charles Marohn a video to prove how walkable his "diverging diamond" overpass design is. Marohn overdubbed his not-so-flattering reply.
Nov 11, 2011   New Urban Network
New Urbanist Peter Katz presents his guidelines for creating a popular urban park. First published in 1995, Katz's ideas still hold up.
Oct 24, 2011   New Urban Network
A new report from Strong Towns Initiative argues that sprawl-friendly policies and overbuilt infrastructure are keeping the economy from properly recovering.
Oct 9, 2011   New Urban Network
Philip Langdon criticizes the 'corporate isolationism,' of Apple's new donut shaped headquarters in Cupertino, California.
Sep 29, 2011   New Urban Network
Attorney Evan McKenzie explores the world of homeowners' associations and common interest developments, which he says are creating an unfortunate layer of private government over unsuspecting homeowners.
Aug 2, 2011   New Urban Network
A new book by New Urbanist architect Andres Duany offers a blueprint for adding agriculture at all levels of development.
Jul 27, 2011   New Urban Network
Walmart easily received approval for four new big box stores in Washington, D.C. With so much opposition elsewhere, why the open arms in the Beltway?
Jul 22, 2011   New Urban Network
Charles Marohn explains how cities and towns failed to consider the future expense of expanded infrastructure to new suburban developments.
Jun 16, 2011   New Urban Network
Vancouver, Canada, famous for its dense downtown development, is changing tack slightly with a transit corridor from downtown to the airport, bringing building heights down mostly to 4 to 12 stories.
Jun 15, 2011   New Urban Network