Grand Canyon

American Rivers' list of the "Most Endangered" U.S. rivers provides an annual reminder of the abuse waterways bear in the name of the country's economy and culture.
Apr 7, 2015   American Rivers
Two projects proposed for the South Rim plateau of the Grand Canyon have raised alarms at the National Park Service, who see a serious threat from impacts to the views, water supply, and ecology of the canyon.
Jul 8, 2014   Los Angeles Times
If you fancy yourself a modern-day John Wesley Powell, but to this point haven’t climbed on a raft headed Grand Canyon way, Google recently released a series of “Street View” style photos from the very bottom of that most famous natural landmark.
Mar 14, 2014   AP via San Jose Mercury News
Ken Belson reports on a massive development planned for a town located five miles from the south rim of the Grand Canyon, and the decades long battle amongst high powered interests and 600 local townspeople over the future of the area.
Feb 21, 2012   The New York Times
Despite a congressional ruling last year that prevents them, wight uranium mining operations have been approved near the Grand Canyon.
May 8, 2009   Scientific American
The Department of the Interior is alleged to have generated electric energy by limiting water flow to the Grand Canyon, at the expense of the landmarks' ecology--despite having access to scientific findings that warned against doing so.
Jan 29, 2009   The Washington Post
<p>This segment from <em>NPR</em> looks at what's happened since a Native American tribe in Arizona opened a glass-floored walkway extending over the Grand Canyon.</p>
Apr 25, 2008   NPR