Planning Ethics

"Ask the Ethicist" allows planners to pose tough questions regarding ethical practices in planning to our resident expert: Carol D. Barrett, FAICP, author of Everyday Ethics for Practicing Planners. Blog Post
Mar 24, 2015   By Carol Barrett
Professional planners can be a great resource for staffing local planning and zoning commissions (especially in smaller communities). That is, of course, as long as they can manage to wear both hats without conflict.
Jan 8, 2013   The Western Planner
Most professions have special responsibilities to society. Physicians are expected to observe the Hippocratic oath. Police officers must apply the law fairly and refrain from abusing their power. Blog Post
Apr 14, 2011   By Todd Litman
Daniel Nairn reviews Robert Kirkman's new book, The Ethics of Metropolitan Growth.
Jan 4, 2011   SustainableCitiesCollective
In 1995, author and planning authority Peter Katz wrote an article scolding planners for being "planners who talk" rather than "planners who draw". The original article generated much controversy, and appears here with a postscript added by Katz that reveals a glimmer of hope for the planning profession in the U.S. Exclusive
Aug 12, 2010  By Peter Katz