Urban Core

If housing prices were tracked like the stock market, urban cores would be soaring to new highs.
Aug 27, 2015   City Commentary
Some planners and government officials in Dallas are concerned about the suburban boom occurring in counties north of Dallas. The reasons why are reminiscent of the Rust Belt in the 1960s.
May 25, 2015   The Dallas Morning News
The current observation is that the urban poor are moving to the suburbs. Alon Levy says that this is nothing new, and the current effects of such movement is in fact just the "tipping point" of what's been happening for the last 50 years.
Oct 2, 2011   Pedestrian Observations
Housing in the urban core of Washington D.C. is expected to grow in coming years as demand for it increases.
Apr 14, 2011   The Washington Examiner
Aaron Renn, The Urbanophile, argues that the stats actually show that cities are losing people in their urban cores, not gaining them.
Apr 4, 2010   New Geography
Toronto is swimming in high-rise construction, with the second highest rate in the world. Some say this shift to the urban core spells the end of sprawl in Toronto.
Sep 19, 2008   Globe and Mail
A recent study shows that about 60% of all trips into the urban core of Vancouver are not by car.
Sep 8, 2008   The Vancouver Sun