Academic Studies

New research reveals more of the details of how trees provide therapeutic effects for humans.
Jan 29, 2016   The New Yorker
A post on Ars Technica digs into the complicated world of pedestrian modeling and identifies a culprit in the problems with existing models: indecisive people.
Jan 28, 2016   Ars Technica
A study presented last week to the Transportation Research Board shows that the quality of the bike infrastructure has a significant effect for commuting rates and safety.
Jan 20, 2016   Streetsblog USA
By using the data provided by millions of Twitter users, two researchers discovered surprising insights into public sentiment in shrinking cities.
Jan 14, 2016   At Lincoln House
A new study presented at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting builds a strong case that parking causes driving.
Jan 13, 2016   CityLab
The motivations to walk or bike vary greatly by income levels, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Washington. The wealthy, as it turns out, are the outliers.
Jan 8, 2016   University of Washington
A new study quantifies the amount of space devoted to parking in Los Angeles County—a figure that just begs to be visualized.
Jan 7, 2016   Better Institutions
The message of a new study funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation: don't forget freshwater when considering the impacts of climate change. Lakes and other bodies of water are threatened by potentially catastrophic vulnerabilities.
Dec 20, 2015   NASA Global Climate Change
Land is perhaps the most fundamental consideration in every variety of planning process—the cost of land, the availability of land, the condition of land, etc. A new e-book studies the importance of land to the global urban future.
Dec 15, 2015   At Lincoln House
Bike share changes the way people use transit, depending on the time and the place.
Dec 11, 2015   Streetsblog USA
A new study examines the question of how to achieve neighborhood transformation through the Choice Neighborhoods federal grant program.
Nov 25, 2015   Urban Institute