They're about to try it in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, creating giant "naleds" of ice that would melt slowly due to the extreme cold preserved inside.
Nov 16, 2011   BLDGBLG
Art student Diego Trujillo-Pisanty is considering what a future of domestic robot servants would do to the built environment.
Aug 5, 2011   BLDGBLG
Two unique urban journalists meet, as Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG interviews Greg Lindsay, Fast Company's cities reporter, about his new book Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next.
Mar 17, 2011   BLDGBLG
The Vdara Hotel at CityCenter, designed by architect Rafael Vinoly, has an unforeseen side effect: its curving shape captures and focuses the hot Las Vegas sun, heating up visitors below like bugs under a microscope.
Oct 2, 2010   BLDGBLG
David Knight and Finn Williams ask, "what can we build without planning?" Turns out that a lot of things get built without process, from building extensions to temporary structures.
Sep 21, 2010   BLDGBLG
Geoff Manaugh looks at a vintage "mobile cinema" used by the UK's Ministry of Technology in the 1960s to promote modern production techniques. The restored vehicle is taking its 22 seats on the road to show vintage films.
Sep 14, 2010   BLDGBLG
"Augmented Reality" is currently a smart phone phenomenon that uses the phone's camera to overlay visual data on real spaces. Architecture student Keiichi Matsuda imagines a future where our visual space is completely overtaken by augmented reality.
Aug 24, 2010   BLDGBLG
Student Anthony Lau put together a not-so-fantastical proposal to redevelop retired ships and platforms in the Thames River into new communities.
Jul 6, 2010   BLDGBLG
A new book by Robert Sullivan documents his explorations of the Meadowlands, an expanse of swamp five miles outside New York that has seen its share of dumping.
Jun 29, 2010   BLDGBLG