Paolo Soleri

Soleri, the founder of the experiential community of Arcosanti, who in many ways presaged the modern sustainability movement, passed away on Tuesday at Cosanti, his home in Paradise Valley, Arizona.
Apr 10, 2013   The New York Times
Michael Tortorello pays a visit to the futurist desert colony to see what's in store as its legendary founder retires and it struggles to remain a bulwark against modern capitalism.
Feb 17, 2012   New York Times
George Haugh describes his visit to Arcosanti in the summer of 2010. A town conceived, designed and built by the charismatic Italian architect Paolo Soleri in Arizona. It is the largest example of Arcology in practice: Soleri's theory of miniaturized and complex human environments designed to utilize the surrounding ecology for building materials while simultaneously minimizing human impact upon them. Exclusive
Jan 17, 2011  By George Haugh
In 1970, visionary architect Paolo Solieri began envisioned a utopian city in Arizona. The resulting development, Arcosanti, and its architect have struggled for relevancy ever since.
Sep 7, 2010   The Arizona Republic
Urban designer Paolo Soleri - best known for his utopian experiment Arcosanti - also designed an open air theater for the Santa Fe Indian School. The campus wants to demolish it, but preservationists are up in arms.
Jun 18, 2010   The Architect's Newspaper