Gay-Friendly Cities

A new study looks at how home values in neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio responded differently to the presence of gay populations.
Jan 7, 2012   The Atlantic Cities
Berwyn, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, is running an aggressive marketing campaign to convince the gay community that their small city is a friendly and affordable place for them to live.
Sep 3, 2010   The Chicago Tribune
In cities across the country, gays formed communities in neglected neighborhoods to create safe havens and strengthen political identity. Today, the identity of these 'gayborhoods' is fading as other demographics move in.
Apr 8, 2010   Obit Magazine
<p>New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles are usually regarded as hotbeds for homosexuals. But five unlikely cities -- in places such as Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska -- show that more gay-friendly cities are coming out of the woodwork.</p>
Apr 17, 2008   Utne Reader